I've known Kamrie as "the little sister" from the time I began shooting for the DeGroots... She was in her sister Angies wedding this past January, and I couldn't believe how much she had grown into a beautiful woman I didn't recognize her all grown up! Kamrie, It was fun to see how different you and Ang are! I had a great time getting you alone behind the camera. Have an amazing senior year!

Anker Boys

these guys were so much fun to play with! Total boys... full of energy and adventure. Heres a few as we had a great time splashing and playing in that stream..

Ben Aijian

I grew up next to Ben's family... they're amazing, artistic, loving people and we were sad when they moved to the coast. I cannot believe Benny is already a senior!! He was a character growing up and still is! I had a great time laughing with him as we drove through Morro Bay for these. Congrats Ben and good luck this year!


I've been taking photos of this little guys for a while, and I can't believe hes one! Kirsten, hes gotten so big! and has such big brown eyes!

Colby Maow

Colby is a senior this year at CVC... what a beautiful girl... she couldn't stop smiling! Even those "serious" shots we tried ended up fun laughing shots! Colby hope you like 'em!


back to work...

I am just now returning from my SECOND maternity leave in as many years... phew! So as I get back in the swing of things & the hang of blogging I'll let you know what the studio is up to... in the mean time, here's a few of my new little guy I stole during his nap a couple days ago... Evan Andrew Davis


entering a new world...

Ok, So as my first post I thought I would explain a little about why I'm FINALLY getting a blog up... it was going to be a waste of my time and I didn't like the idea of "blogging", or so I thought... but the longer I went without one, the more I felt behind the times... so... here goes! I look forward to hearing from so many of you... help me out cause I'm new at this!!