I’ve been tagged by Rachel from Rachel Trigueiro Events & Creative Design! So, now it is my turn to share 6 random things about myself. Here are the rules of this little game:

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ok... here goes...

1. I am a sports fan, like the kind that actually enjoys watching a whole baseball or football game, I get excited to see playoffs, and I actually enjoy watching ESPN... (but don't tell my husband!) I play(ed) sports too- although I'm WAY out of shape now, I loved playing basketball- until my knees gave out and then I found my true sports love- water polo. I've played, coached and now get to watch my husband coach from the sidelines... its a great sport. 2. I thought my whole life that I was going to be a vet, I grew up around animals, still love them (actually my childhood horse "Misty" just died last fall... she was my 12th birthday present- and ancient when she died... she lived a good long life:) ) and always thought my job would revolve around them.... but God knew better I guess! I couldn't imagine doing anything else... besides being a vet would've taken me away from my two little ones more than photography... and I think ultimately I would have quit to be a stay-at-home mom. 3. I was raised loving adventure, and to this day absoluetly LOVE Chronicles of Narnia & Lord of the Rings books, movies, all of it! I've read the books more times than I can count... and try to every year at least once (have only read one or two from Chronicles this year...)... I'm not sure if its the fantasy "other-worldlyness" of it that allows me to escape reality for a while, or if I just that its so dang creative that its hard for me not to like it. I can even say certain things in elvish... (this is extreme I know, but its one of the most random unimportant things about me thats kinda funny) Ryan makes fun of me because I went to EVERY midnight premiere of the LOTR movies, and even won a prize at one for knowing LOTR trivia before all the other crazy dorks could answer! Now, I'm not into "new-age" stuff by any means, and I know some people find a fine line here, but I truly see God in all that creativity, and something about it makes it so fun and real to me ... I know this is nuts, but if you've never read the books, read them and THEN come back and tell me I'm crazy! (ok, you probably still would, but thats ok too!) OH! and my hubby bought me tickets to see Prince Caspian at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in May when it comes out... best Easter basket present EVER!4. Ryan (my husband) was once my swim coach.. ok before you freak out read all of this one.. He was right out of high school, and I was a sophomore, had just quit basketball (bad knees- remember?), and he happened to be the J.V. coach... now I already knew him and we were friends, but not really close... So, when I got in a really bad (totaled my brothers car bad) accident that year, he helped me in physical therapy in the water and we spent a lot of time hanging out and keeping each other company (this honestly was VERY innocent- we became best friends and didn't start dating until like 6 months later!). It was a really fun year, because if I wouldn't have been in the car accident I would've been moved up to varsity and as it was I got to just dominate j.v. instead! :) Funniest part of this... I got the Coaches award at the end of the season! HaHa... 5. I love country music. I know this is like the unforgivable genre of music to like... blame being a Golden West Alumni, but I still love listening to country music... recently saw Garth Brooks on his charity concert series.... it was ahhh-- mazing!! call me a dork but I'll raise my kids listening to it! 6. I love the movie "CastAway" with Tom Hanks. He's one of my favorite actors anyway... but this movie just hits me in a way... I can't explain it, but I LOVE it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen it. I love the end when he says "tomorrow's another day.... who knows what the tide might bring?"... just poetic. :) on a side note, some days I wish I had my very own "wilson" ball that I could rant to....
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6. Bree at Schaap Studios (I had just finished linking this & realized that Rach had already tagged Bree... oh well, think of 12 things then Bree!) oh... and all the photo separators were because I was having layout posting problems and all the text was blending together.. it was a "quick fix" solution! :)


Thompson Corgis!

I know that you haven't seen recent work in 317 ... but I get caught up in the whirlwind of "things to do"-and of course the blog suffers! anyways.. I thought I'd show you this cute little bunch of puppies my sisters corgi had- they are SO cute! (and she may even have one or two left for sale!)