j + j

my brother got married october 3rd!  and after sleeping for like two days post wedding... i got to thinking- i never posted about their engagement session... so heres a few of the beautiful couple...

Lone Star

ok so its been like a year since my last post,  i know..., we'll just leave it at that and try to move forward... pretending all this neglect to the blog never happened...
so over the summer i was asked to go shoot Lonestar at their free summer in the park series.  Now, this was a treat in itself- being that I'm a country fan, remember, but I actually got to hang out with the guys before and after the concert!! What a blast!  can't wait until their new album comes out .. soon!
heres some fun stuff from that night...


Elizabeth Anne Designs

We got an email last week announcing the new EAD library... these ladies have got to be one of the most amazing wedding resources out there... they are jam-packed with everything wedding related!! 
Here is the info about the launch of their new EAD library.... give yourself an hour or so to look through their site (seriously!) you'll need that much time to soak it all in...
{We are incredibly excited to announce our new project, the EAD library.  After months of development and research, we are launching a new resource for brides tomorrow, Tuesday July 22nd.  The library is filled with hundreds of useful links, from photographers to shops to stationers.  Our goal is a simple, comprehensive list of vendors.  The library will help every bride, no matter her location, find the vendors and inspiration she needs for a beautiful event.}


Bridal Idol

We heard this past week that our photos made one of the top three finalists for the Central Coast Bride's Magazine "Bridal Idol" competition.  To be honest, if it weren't for Mary at the Villa Toscana, I might not have entered the photos... and now we're a finalist! YAY!!! :)   The first place wedding will be featured in the next issue due out this fall.... don't foget to go visit the site and vote for Rachel and Antonio!!



ok, so I know its been like months since my last post, and it seems like there are puppies like crazy in our life... but our Cocker Spaniels had puppies two months ago and I had to post about them. they are the cutest little things ever! Lucy had 6- all girls! Well, we are now looking for homes for these cute little girls.... if you know of a home, or want to make yours theirs... give me a call!! :) see how cute?!