A Week of Country

I know that there hasn't been a post about the studio or recent work... and I will try to get more up as soon as possible.... we've just had so much going on in the last few months I'm not even sure where to begin! Perhaps I'll have to do a little collage sampler as soon as I gather my thoughts in the studio! IN THE MEANTIME.... our week of country was so much fun! two weekends in a row with no shoots was a great break! First, we had a big group of friends and family go to the PBR in Fresno on the 18th.... this is our second year going, and I think we've decided its an annual tradition! If you've never watched Bull Riding... you're missing out! Even for the non-country folk, its a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of event. Our favorite bull (which is my 3 year old nephew Owen's -and the reason we started going to PBR in the first place) is Reindeer Dippin... he tossed his rider that night in 2.9 seconds! this is Owen.... PBR shirt custom made with "Reindeer Dippin" on the back!This is our little cowboy.... boots and all! Then Ryan and I got the chance to see Garth Brooks in LA for his FIRE relief concert tour. A-Mazing! Now I'm a country girl, country music fan, and all that, but Garth is the fastest selling solo artist in the world... and thats gotta say a little bit about his music... the best part is everyone there knew every song and the place was packed...He sold out all 5 concerts at the Staples center in like an hour and a half! for both weekends I was without a camera but heres a few from my beloved phone... I know theres a ton, but check out all the links... they're more fun than my blog's been in a while! :)


a long hiatus ...

ok so I know its been a long time since the last post... I apologize! This time of year we get a little crazy with Christmas season and this year the blog suffered! 
Keep checking back I'll fill in what this craziness was all about!
Hope everyone had a MAGICAL Christmas!  With the little ones this year we sure did!