'bout time

ok, ok... I know its been FOREVER since I last posted... but, it got to the point that I was so far behind and wanting to post about things that happened so long ago that I kept putting it off-thinking "I'll catch it all up at once"- Lord knows that didn't happen!  and believe me I've given myself enough grief over what my "next post" should be... do I sum-up my Christmas season?,  post about my brothers wedding?, or the thousand other things that happened along the way? and then there was the feeling that it better be worth months of waiting for... and well, time just flies when you have a business at Christmastime, and are a mom, and a wife, and well... you get the picture :) so I've decided to just try to start from the NOW... posting as often as I can find the time, and trying to keep you all updated on the happenings over here at 317.
BUT...  lets face it folks, I've never been a great blogger... I'm always behind here ;)  I'd like to say I turned over a new leaf and will be posting regularly, but I'm not going to make promises that will most likely be broken... I know I said I'd post my brothers wedding, and I will get to it... but I may post of the few "now" things first... so there will be an "in-between" wedding to satisfy you until then! 
... look for j+j the wedding soon... 
and hopefully a new blogger-friendly me in the near future!  :)

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